Asos D&AD Competition Brief 


The brief requires me to present an idea that uses open platforms to allow consumers to contribute, adapt and develop their own experience – to give the BBC news audience around the world a more global voice. They want the service to allow for big global events to create a shared global experience as well as encouraging local newsworthy events to be given more global relevance through a more personal viewing, listening and reading angle. 

Target Audience

Fashion-loving 20somethings who are price savvy, social and addicted to newness. They love style and to look and feel great, but they believe there is more to life than fashion.


The brief required me to design and bring to life a concept in line with the ASOS brand and aesthetic.  I have produced a clear summary of my response to the brief with reasoning behind my decision-making and outcome.


Asos Union fills the gap in the market, that provides fashion lovers and social place to see, share and advise the style choices of individuals around the world. Whether friends or not they all have one love, 'fashion'. Pairing with the existing Asos application but with an entirely new look, both sections of the app, 'clothing' and 'social' work together seamlessly allowing the user to find the asos product that suit's their needs, and then share the item or items on their Asos Union social profile to get their friend's opinions before or after purchasing. Of course there are more than just one brand out there and Asos Union allows you to take photos of your wardrobe's contents in order to share and add to your social clothing collection, consisting of owned, wanted and saved items. All of these categories also appear on the clothing side of the app so you can check what items you already own to ensure your new purchase will fit to an outfit, or if you have saved an item from  a friend's profile, you are given the option to purchase that product.