The 12 Dancing Princesses - A Manhattan Fairy Tail


To work within a group of 5 to produce a pair of double page spreads that will form part of a larger document that tell one of the Grimms Fairy Tales. The design should tell the story as a modern Manhattan Fairytale. However, the brief was restricted with the fact that we had to adapt the original story in response to our university trip to New York using only the photos we took on our visit.

Target Audience

Modern Manhattanites.


Clean, minimalist, monochrome, geometrical editorial design with bold uses of New York Taxi Yellow. Large typography was printed onto frosted paper inserts to showcase the sinister modern interpretation of the text. All imagery used was taken by members of the group during a trip to New York. As the brief instructed we each designed two double-page spreads of the book the first being strongly image based and the second spread to display our fifth of the fairy tail story.