Network Rail Cyber Security Game Concept App


The brief for this project was to design concepts for a Network Rail game app, that would teach their employees about the dangers of cyber security and how to be vigilant in this area. Two different game concepts were required, one a game which contained several different games all themed around each topic of cyber safety such as detecting spam emails. The second was a much smaller and less costly game what would revolve around match card pairs with cyber security icons to reach the next stage, while simultaneously teaching the viewer about virtual vigilance.


Cyber Safety was designed to portray the dangers of the virtual world in a friendly and lightheaded environment that clearly and cleverly informed the viewer of the dangers of the internet and how to avoid them. The game while still being educational providers the viewer with replay-ability allowing them to retry the games for a better score. Therefore the game can also be used by anyone whether and employee of national rail or not.

This project was completed while freelancing for Bulb Studios


Network Rail Game App